Individual counseling and support groups

Currently we do not offer individual counseling in English.

We perform individual counseling for LGBTI+ persons and their loved ones – persons who have been going through hardships or have experienced discrimination, etc. due to their own or a loved person’s sexual orientation/gender identity. The counseling we offer is fully anonymous and free of charge.

Counseling is offered only after signing up. You can sign up through our Helpline. 

We are going to run support groups, including one in English. More information about that we will publish soon!

You can find the information about the other groups here (keep in mind that all the groups are being conducted in Polish). 


We run the oldest in Poland (operating since 1995) Helpline for LGBTQI+ persons and their loved ones. We give professional and anonymous counsel in crisis to a few dozen persons a month across Poland.

Education and training

We organize professional antidiscrimination training and workshops for companies, NGOs and public institutions. We support various entities in implementing antidiscrimination policies and equality activities, we take part in company events and we work on spreading awareness about work-and-life issues concerning our community.

The workshops we offer are available in Polish and English, each one adapted to a target group needs.

To obtain more information about the trainings/workshops, their scope, etc. contact directly with the trainings coordinators:

Sławomir Kirdzik –
Miłosz Przepiórkowski –

Intervention shelter

The intervention shelter consists of training flats where LGBTQI+ persons in homelessness crisis or endangered by it can get support in achieving self-reliance.



Lambda Warszawa carries out numerous projects dedicated to the LGBTQI+ community in Poland, creating awareness and supporting educational activities related to the LGBTQI+ spectrum. Their aim is to provide professional psychological and legal counseling to persons in crisis, spreading awareness and performing educational activities, creating professional materials containing reliable information concerning our community.

Cultural activities

Lambda Warsaw not only provides matronages to numerous publications, but also actively participates in the cultural life of the Polish LGBTQI+ community. For the past years, we have been present at the LGBT Film Festival, we support queer artists and provide consultations during the production of films and numerous TV and radio programs. We cultivate the queer culture by conducting a library, and the largest archive in Poland dedicated to the community, history and LGBTQI+ culture.  

If you need help or consultation regarding the LGBTQI+ community, the issue of inclusive language or the history of the LGBTQI+ movement in Poland, please contact us. We will certainly help you with your next venture.

Library & Archive

We run the oldest and biggest LGBTI+ archive in Poland. Its collection contains hundreds of materials documenting the history of the LGBTI+ community and the movement in Poland, including press materials (both historical and contemporary), documents of the oldest organizations, private correspondence of people active before and after 1989 as well as informational and promotional materials created across Poland.

Lambda Warszawa also features a library with the biggest free-access collection of LGBTI+ books.



„QueerStoria” is the only socio-historical magazine in Poland devoted to the LGBTI+ community. It was created as an initiative of people involved with Lambda Warszawa’s Archive at the beginning of 2018. It was born out of a conviction that looking after the past of our community and cherishing non-heteronormative history of Poland is part of identity creation. It is an attempt to show that we – lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people – everyone who fits in the wide queer spectrum – have our common history and precursors of the LGBTI+ movement.