Lambda Warszawa has been active in supporting and creating a space necessary to create a positive identity of the LGBTQI+ community in Poland since 1997. Our mission is to offer independent, professional and expert support in crisis.

Who are we?

As an organization we support persons who have been going through hardships or have experienced violence and discrimination due to their sexual or gender identity.

What do we do?

Lambda Warszawa runs wide-scale assistance activities, supporting persons who have been going through hardships due to their sexual orientation and gender identity as well as those experiencing violence and discrimination on this basis and who need professional support.

We also carry out activities aiming at supporting organizations, public institutions and companies to implement equality policies, we perform antidiscrimination trainings and workshops, and we also take part in LGBTQI+ community events.

Our Leadership

The executive bodies of the association are the Board and the Auditing Commission.

Krzysztof Kliszczyński – Head of the Board

A sociologist, academic lecturer, HFPC (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights) Human Rights School alumnus, LGBT+ activist. A co-founder of Lambda Warszawa Association, the coordinator of support activities; a co-founder and volunteer of Lambda Warszawa Helpline for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and their loved ones from 1995 to 2015. Head of the Board from 2007 to 2015 and again from 2019 onwards. A coordinator of numerous Lambda Warszawa’s projects (ASOS, Living Libraries, support groups). The creator of Lambda Warszawa’s Archive that boasts the biggest collection of the history of the Polish LGBTQI+ community. The editor-in-chief of “QueerStoria” magazine. As a sociologist he specializes in urban development; in his NGO activity – in widely understood support of the LGBTQI+ minority.

Miłosz Przepiórkowski – Head of the Board deputy

He has studied cross-cultural psychology at SWPS University as well as German Studies at Warsaw University. A lecturer, translator, interpreter, proofreader, and volunteer at Lambda Warszawa since 2017. The member of the Board since January of 2020. He has been co-running a group dedicated to bi+ persons. As the Member of the Board he is in charge of the cultural section, which comprises both granting matronages and organizing cultural events during the LGBT Film Festival. He is also co-running the voluntary program together with Sławomir Kirdzik within the confines of which there are numerous projects aiming at propagating tolerance and visibility of the LGBTQI+ community in public space. Offstage he is an arthouse cinema aficionado, during his free time he reads everything that comes to his hands and goes to the movies.

Wiktoria Juchniewicz – Secretary of the Board

Paweł Mamzer – Member of the Board